Fine Options As Per Your Requirement for Spray Foam

Modern construction is simply unthinkable today without such material as assembly foam. It allows today to seal seams and cracks, perform installation of various structures and increase heat and sound insulation.

What exactly should you be guided by when choosing foam? What qualitative characteristics should it differ from?

Mounting foam – what is it?

To ensure that the choice of mounting foam is always correct, an ordinary buyer should pay attention to its main properties, on which its purposeful application depends. Mounting foam is a kind of sealant, but consists of isocyanate and polyol, as well as blowing agents and propellant, which is the initiator of pressure in the cylinder. And although at first glance the foam inside the container is in a liquid neutral state, but when it exits, it solidifies and becomes a solid basis for installation. For the Commercial Spray Foam this is an essential option.

Among the merits and advantages of mounting foam are particularly distinguished:

  • Excellent thermal insulation;
  • Increased sound insulation;
  • Easy to use;
  • Use of foam as an adhesive;
  • Increased adhesion;
  • Ability to expand (especially in case of filling voids);
  • Resistance to burning;

Which manufacturer to give preference?

How to choose mounting foam: What to look for when selecting foam.

But instead of focusing simply on the name of the manufacturer, it is worth paying attention to the properties and characteristics of separate mounting foam. In turn, we recommend buying the assembly penalty of listed manufacturers in the online store of building materials

Foam volume at the outlet

This is one of the most important indicators on which most professional builders are oriented. It must be remembered that the numbers indicated on the balloon are just approximate data that does not always correspond to reality. Therefore, for simple work it is necessary to purchase foam with a minimum yield, and for professional – from 65 to 75 liters.

Density and secondary expansion

Professional mounting foam has an expansion factor of 1525 kg / m, and foam for household purposes is 2535 kg / m. The secondary coefficient of expansion should be in the range of 20-30%.

The purpose of the mounting foam

Regular foam for household use is provided with a disposable adapter for applying the material to the surface. Professional foam has a thread on the cylinder to attach it to the gun. Another difference between household and professional foam is the cost. And if household foam should be used immediately and completely, in the case of a professional, the balloon can be used after a long time, but it should remain attached to the gun and be upright in the upright position.

Temperature regimes

This parameter is especially important in cases when foam is planned to be used in the winter construction period. But even if the indicators of temperature use allow the installation in winter, the buyer should take into account that the storage of bottles with foam is necessary at a temperature of not lower than 20 degrees, otherwise it may result in the material being super cool and reducing its quality properties.

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