Biological pest control: tips

Discovered aphids, mites, snails or a fungus in the garden? Then nothing likes the chemistry club! Or? Which alternatives from the biological corner you have.

The biggest problem with chemical pesticides: They also kill beneficial organisms and may also have harmful effects on the environment and our health. In addition, you have simply lost nothing in ecological and natural gardens – on principle. How to tackle snails, flies, mice and others, experts have the best tips for you!

Aphids and snails

The Brennusteud has proven very effective in the fight against aphids. Simply collect stinging nettles, place in a jar, sprinkle with water (on a kilo of stinging nettles come 10 liters of water) and cover for a week to ten days, preferably in the sun. Once the foam on the surface is completely gone, the brew can be used. Use undiluted against aphids, diluted at a ratio of one to ten in the fight against the nudibranchs!

Prevent mushrooms

A tea made of garlic and onions prevents fungal diseases of all kinds. Dilute the leeks in water at a ratio of one to four and sprinkle your garden with them. Horsetails also help against the fungus. Prepare fresh (10 kg) or dried (150 g) horsetail with ten liters of water, let ferment, stir daily and dilute one to five when the foam is gone. Apply to your plants in the evening.

Pest-free tomatoes

Cabbage whites are very sensitive to an undiluted decoction of tomato sprouts. Carefully break out the shoots and reduce them a little, place in a suitable container with ten times the amount of water and leave as for the other Jauchen also for a few days. Inject undiluted on the tomato bushes!

Sustainable Tips against mice in the home

  • Close ventilation openings with special grids.
  • Close slots and holes in walls.
  • Close pipelines.
  • Check crawl spaces for openings.
  • Do not open garbage bags and expose outside.
  • Do not leave any food around the bird cage.

If you see that there are food leftovers in the neighborhood, then you should be aware of this. It can save a lot of inconvenience to the entire neighborhood.

With these pest prevention tips you are already well on your way. However, this is still no guarantee that you will never get mice in the house. It is true that if there is little food to be found that the chances are very small that you will suffer from mice in the house.

Where mice are present, mice will also be present. It is therefore important to have a hygienic household. Mice are carriers of germs, bacteria and viruses that you do not want to have in your home.

To prevent mice from settling into your home, Plug in mice exterminator has the durable, non-toxic solution that really works.

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